Algemeene Conditions

Art. 1 Value:

Paragraph 1 These general conditions apply to

all agreements between Flamma Fireproof Applications BV

Wormerveer, hereinafter referred to as Flamma Fireproof Applications BV

customer or supplier.

Paragraph 2 on agreements and Flamma Fireproof

Applications BV and others is governed by Dutch law.

Paragraph 3 These terms and conditions have been filed at

the Chamber of Commerce wormerveer.


Art. 2 Offer and Order:

Paragraph 1 Any offer of Flamma Fireproof

Applications BV is optional.

Section 2 To purchase money:

1. ) If a written order Flamma

Fireproof Applications BV is placed without the anterior

offer of the supplier, then the agreement if and

the time within 12 days after the date of the order to the relevant

in accordance with the order is delivered.

2. ) In case an agreement is oral

entered, the performance of the contract is suspended until

that the written confirmation of the order by Flamma Fireproof

Applications BV is sent. The performance of the oral agreement

is not suspended if at the conclusion of the oral

agreement Flamma Fireproof Applications BV to the supplier

order number is provided.


Art. 3 Price:

Paragraph 1 In case of increase of such rates, wages,

taxes, duties, charges etc. Fireproof Applications BV is entitled

agreed prices accordingly even though the increase

place pursuant already in the offer or acceptances or confirmation

foreseeable conditions, with due observance of the relevant


Paragraph 2 In case of increase of the agreed

resale price maintenance and has commissioned the right contract

dissolve, in which case the client is obliged to compensate the

Flamma Fireproof Applications BV incurred. In the event of an increase in

the agreed purchase price has Flamma Fireproof Applications BV

right to contract with its supplier to dissolve. The decomposition is

only by registered letter to call unless otherwise agreed.


Art. 4 Assembly:

Paragraph 1 All assembly or installation and

transport costs are still borne by the customer or



Art. 5 Delivery for sale:

Paragraph 1 Quoted delivery times will be number

regarded as deadlines, unless otherwise expressly agreed by the parties


Paragraph 2 The goods delivered after leaving the

building Flamma Fireproof Applications BV risk of the client.


Art. 6 Delivery in purchasing:

Paragraph 1 Delivery takes place at our address in Wormerveer.

Paragraph 2 The liability for damage caused

by inadequate packaging, lies with the supplier.

Paragraph 3 All packaging, other than clearly

featured loan packaging, is in the provision of property Flamma

Fireproof Applications BV. The return of returnable packaging occurs

account of the supplier.


Art. 7 Complaints:

Paragraph 1 Complaints must be within 8 days after receipt

by the client in possession of Flamma Fireproof Applications BV.

Flamma Fireproof Applications BV has subsequently received commercials

between taking back the business of delivering replacement goods, respectively.

The provision of an appropriate price reduction on the other.

Paragraph 2 With the exception of the right of publicity

as described in paragraph 1, is Flamma Fireproof Applications BV at no

liability for its delivered, even by Flamma Fireproof

Applications BV performed assembly - installation - maintenance - filling - and

audit procedures.


Art. 8 Payment in sales and maintenance:

Paragraph 1 Unless otherwise agreed in principal will

gefactuurde the agreed amount within the stated in the invoice

term Flamma Fireproof Applications BV without paying the principal

entitled to any discount or not explicitly agreed

applying a settlement. If the payment is not on the invoice

specified, the client within 14 days after invoice date.

2 If payment is made by bank or

giro account is from the transcripts by Flamma Fireproof Applications

BV stated date of transfer and is therefore determined as


Paragraph 3 If the client after the expiry of the

payment of the agreed amount invoiced has not fully

client is fully satisfied, without any warning or

require notice will be in default.

Paragraph 4 After the expiry of the payment is

the client has not paid an interest of 1%

per month from the due

Paragraph 5 Client

is, in late voeldoening its payment obligations,

liable for all costs incurred Flamma Fireproof Applications must BV

for the collection of its claim, including in particular

extrajudicial collection costs (the amount of which is determined at least

15% of the total amount with a minimum amount of € 35,00)

By paragraph 6 client shall

still primarily to pay all interest, expenses and

then the invoices which have been outstanding the longest, even if

client that the payment relates to a later invoice. At

invoices of the same date, payment of each invoice to



Art. 9 Payment on redemption:

Paragraph 1 Payment shall be made within 14 days after

delivery, condition of approval to the delivery and receipt of all

associated documentation in the Dutch language.

Paragraph 2 Payment by Flamma Fireproof Applications BV

does not imply waiver of rights.


Art. 10 Ownership Transition in sales:

Paragraph 1 Flamma Fireproof Applications BV reserves to

full payment of the principal to Flamma Fireproof

Applications BV due payment, title to all goods delivered by

business, as security for the payment of all its due, not



Art. 11 Transfer of ownership by purchasing:

Paragraph 1 The ownership of the goods passes to Flamma

Fireproof Applications BV at the time of delivery.


Art. 12 Liability for sales and:


Section 1 Except for warranty obligations

described in Article 14 Flamma Fireproof Applications BV

liable for damages from any cause whatsoever on the part of the client

caused by third parties in connection with Flamma by Fireproof Applications BV

delivered goods or services, unless the damage is caused by intent or

gross negligence on Flamma Fireproof Applications BV attributable.


Art. 13 Liability in purchasing:

Paragraph 1 The supplier is liable for damage

by Flamma Fireproof Applications BV or third parties as a result of

a defect in his product so it does not offer the features one would


Paragraph 2 The supplier is liable for all damages

by Flamma Fireproof Applications BV or by third parties as

result of acts or omissions of himself, of his personnel or those

by him in the execution of the agreement involved.

Paragraph 3 The supplier worth Flamma Fireproof

Applications BV against claims by third parties for damages under

liability referred to in the preceding two paragraphs and shall first request

of Flamma Fireproof Applications BV settlement with those third parties,

or herself in court, instead of or jointly with Flamma Fireproof

Applications BV, defend against claims as referred to above

Paragraph 4 For purposes of this article, staff

and employees of Flamma Fireproof Applications BV as third parties.


Art. Bijverkoop 14 Warranty and Maintenance:

Paragraph 1 The Flamma Fireproof Applications BV

products delivered gedruende one year after delivery guaranteed. This

guarantee means that Flamma Fireproof Applications BV during that period the

material - or workmanship, will be repaired or replaced. Unless

purpose by Flamma Fireproof Applications BV Agents

attempt to repair the product to be executed and the

supplied for purposes other than normal is used void

warranty. Other liability is expressly excluded.

Paragraph 2 Voeldoening its warranty obligations by

Flamma Fireproof Applications BV is the sole and complete



Art. 15 Guarantee in purchasing:

Paragraph 1 The supplier warrants that the goods supplied

meet the highest legal requirements and other government regulations

and to the highest standards of the industry safety standards, -

and quality.

Section 2 To test, inspection and / or testing by

Flamma Fireproof Applications BVdient the supplier toeging to award

the relevant places. Shall cooperate and shall Flamma Fireproof

Applications BV timely notice of the date above,

take place.

Paragraph 3 The costs of inspection, control and / or beproving

be borne va supplier.

4 If the approval, inspection and / or beproving

before, during or after delivery of the goods is wholly or partly

disapproved, will Flamma Fireproof Applications BV to this supplier


Paragraph 5 In case of rejection of events during or after

delivery, the ownership and risk of the rejected goods again on the

supplier as from the date of signature of that in the previous

paragraph referred to as message.

6 The supplier is obliged components relevant

of the goods delivered during the normal life of the delivered

things to keep in stock.

Paragraph 7 In urgent cases and also if after

consultation with the supplier can be reasonably assumed that the

supplier, not timely or not properly repair or replacement

borne by the supplier itself, or by third parties to



Art. 16 Force Majeure / Non-attributable:


Paragraph 1 Force majeure includes all of Flamma

Fireproof Applications BV independent circumstances, reasonably

deemed to be the fulfillment and / or timely fulfillment Burkes, mobilization,

declaration of a state of siege or Burkes, riots, measures of

government which is prohibited or hindered the delivery, non-delivery

at least not from our supplier delivery under our consent

conditions, flood, business interruption both in our own company and in

companies in which we involve materials or materials where we have

edit, or other circumstances which the normal business

impossible in the Netherlands and in the country of origin and / or transit

of raw materials and / or materials

Paragraph 2 In the prison of circumstances affecting the fulfillment of

a commitment to prevent and not to Flamma Fireproof Applications BV

attributable (hereinafter force majeure), the obligation of Flamma

Fireproof Applications BV during the occurrence of these conditions

is suspended. This does ontverkort upon the occurrence of the circumstances

referred to in Article 17 paragraph 1.

Paragraph 3 If the period during which force majeure

of these obligations by Flamma Fireproof Applications BV is not possible

lasts longer than five months, both parties are entitled

to terminate, without there being an obligation to pay compensation



Art. 17 Shortcoming:

Paragraph 1 Flamma Fireproof Applications BV is

right by Flamma Fire Applications BV signed with client

agreement (s) or the unfulfilled portion thereof to dissolve

or modify a written statement to the client without

to any judicial intervention being required, or the fulfillment of

our commitment to suspend, without prejudice to its right to compensation for

costs, damages, interests, if:

A. The principal one or more of its obligations

towards Flamma Fireproof Applications BV fails;

B. The client in bankruptcy is

declared or moratorium requested;

C. The client proceeds to liquidate his

business or company, either wholly or in part;

D. Borne by the client attachment of whatever

nature whatsoever, whether executory or prejudgment, is laid;

E. And in general in all those cases in which, after the

conclusion of the agreement to Flamma Fireproof Applications BV give ground

to fear that the client will not fulfill its obligations.

Paragraph 2 If the client or supplier

not meet any obligations he shall be deemed to terminate without being

any compensation or guarantee, yet without prejudice to its

further rights.

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